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Cesspools, Septic Tanks and Sewage Plants

In a Nutshell

Cesspools are sewage holding tanks and are usually only used where ground conditions do not allow the installation of a soakaway system. They have no outlet and require frequent emptying.

Septic tanks are simple systems that separate the solids from the liquid in the waste, carrying out some basic bacterial treatment, and allowing the liquid to discharge to an underground soakaway system. The build up of solids must be periodically removed.

Sewage plants are similar to septic tanks but have an element of mechanical aeration – either through forced air blowers or rotating vanes – to increase the bacterial treatment and improve effluent quality. Discharges can be to surface water with the correct authorisations.

All sewage tanks will require emptying at some stage. How often depends upon the usage and capacity of the tank. Please call to discuss your requirements

Telephone: 01283 240246

Mobile: 07896 961666

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